Why Choose Us?

We speak the truth.

Even if it's not pretty. Even if it's contrary to popular opinion.

Since starting our financial planning business in 2003, we have seen a lot of flashy marketing campaigns and investment fads come and go. But being straight with our clients never goes out of style.
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Here are a few basic truths, upon which our planning, investment and insurance philosophies are built:
  • Nobody can predict or control the markets.
  • "Beating the market" is not a long-term financial goal.
  • What you do is more important than what your investments do.
  • Generally speaking, financial media is noise that is best ignored.
  • Your behaviour is predictable - and you can control it!
Sound refreshing? Check out our free, no-gimmick webinars on our Resources page for more. It's a good investment of your time.

We think long term.

Our plans are built for a lifetime. Yours.

These days, retirement can mean more than thirty years without employment income. During that same period, it is very likely that your cost of living will more than double.

We prepare you for this inevitable stage of life by helping you grow your investment assets, manage financial risks, and reduce your taxes wherever possible. Throughout our relationship we monitor your investment portfolio and update your Plan For Prosperity on an ongoing basis.

As you will see on our planning page, our time horizons are in years and decades - lifetimes. A long-term focus helps our clients stay on track throughout inevitable quarterly or even annual investment volatility.

We answer only to our clients.

No sales quotas or house brands. This is all about YOU.

An unfortunate reality of the financial services industry is that corporate agendas bias the actions of their front-line advisors. Sales targets, production quotas or house-brand products do not serve your best interests.

As an independent financial planning business, we are free of these impositions. We focus on doing what's right for you and your plan, and recommend appropriate third-party products to suit your needs.

We play by the rules.

Regulations and designations matter. To our clients, and to us.

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How many stories have you heard about "the investment that was too good to be true", eventually exposed as a Ponzi scheme or other fraud? While unlicensed, unregulated or just unethical operators routinely offer some very enticing "opportunities", we choose to operate in a system that is thoroughly regulated and monitored daily by a robust compliance department.
In addition to being a registered representative for mutual funds, life insurance, critical illness and disability income insurance in Ontario and Alberta, Take Charge Financial Planning owner John Radul holds the internationally-recognized Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. The CFP Code of Ethics mirrors our approach to business.

We believe the world gets better.

There is always good news. Somewhere.

There are always reasons to be negative, cynical or scared - just check out any news media for the latest! But the successful long-term investor has faith that mankind will continue to innovate in ways that the average person can't yet imagine. Mature corporations can become more efficient, and younger companies can develop game-changing technologies without initial fanfare.

Capital markets present a tremendous opportunity to build wealth, but it's never going to be a smooth ride. Faith (along with discipline and patience) is a pre-requisite for keeping long-term plans on track.

Take Charge Financial Planning (Burlington, ON) specializes in retirement income planning for clients in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe region.

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